cover equity Equity: Jurnal Ekonomi [p-ISSN 1978-3795, e-ISSN 2721-6721] is double-blind peer-reviewed, open access, a scientific journal that contains the results of theoretical research and studies on economic and development issues. The issue is related to: literature review, modeling results in economics, finance, monetary, fiscal, regional, islamic economics, human resources, nature resources and other economic issues. Managed by Department of Economics, Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Bangka Belitung. Equity: Jurnal Ekonomi is currently SINTA 5 accredited by the SINTA Accreditation Institute of the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia until the issue of Vol 11 No 2 of 2023.

We invite you to submit your paper to Equity: Jurnal Ekonomi. Papers submission deadlines:

Submission deadline 1st edition : June

Submission deadline 2nd edition : December

Submit your manuscripts today (in English and Indonesia) through our online system! The authors should refer to the Author Guidelines in writing the manuscript, and attach the Agreement form and attach the Agreement on the "Supplementary Files" attachment when submitting. The authors are also encouraged to use citation manager software such as Mendeley or any other software in writing the manuscript. Please include Equity: Jurnal Ekonomi as well under the abstract.

Submitted papers are evaluated by anonymous referees for contribution, originality, relevance, and presentation. The Editor shall inform you of the results of the review as soon as possible, approximately in 12 weeks.



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Vol 12 No 1 (2024): Equity : Jurnal Ekonomi
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